About us

About us

We are two young entrepreneurs, linguistic specialists and intermediaries: Giulia
Faraguna and Nerea Lara. We are the head of a freelance translators’ professional

Why did we create Traveling Translations?

The final reader deserves a good text. This is our motto. A well written text can
captivate and attract interest, it can be read easily, and it is an important part of the
image of a company.

We love translating, looking for new clients and find the perfect translator for each
project: we are natural communicator with a huge urge to write. Our passion and
curiosity for languages lead us to become cultural mediators.

Through the resolution of linguistic issues and a daily task of decision-making, each
sentence that we write and the personalised care with which we manage every project
makes the final text we delivered unique and customized to suit our costumer’s

Translations, interpreting and project management

Translation is used daily in every possible field: to promote product, to get direct
information to foreign client, etc.

We specialised in tourism, audiovisual translation (dubbing, subtitling and screenplay
translations) and literature. We also look for the perfect interpreter for you meeting or
conference. Nevertheless, we have experience in technical translation (user’s manual),
e-commerce, fishing products, social translation, art and scientific, legal and finance
text. We don’t only offer translation, but also proofread and text correction.

How do we work?

We think that translation in not a question of natural talent, but a combination of
predisposition, technique and effort. A good translation has to be precise, clear and
natural. In order to achieve this:

  • We are meticulous in our terminological research.
  • We always keep the deadlines.
  • We keep a constant communication with the customers in order to understand
    their needs.
  • We proofread and we control the quality of the translations.

In our daily work we use TMs such as Trados, OmegaT, Across, Felix, Aegisub, SDLX,
Logoport (Workspace), Idiom and Subtitle Workshop.

We are also professional partners of ASETRAD (Asociación Española de
Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes); ISTRAD, (Instituto Superior de
Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción) and ATRAE (Asociación de Traducción y
Adaptación Audiovisual de España).


  • Giulia Faraguna Caravaca

I am a bilingual Italian and Spanish translator with five years of professional
experience. My source languages are English, French and German.

I hold a Translation and Interpreting Bachelor’s Degree and a University Certificate
in Tourism issued by the University of Malaga. I also have a Master’s Degree in
Audiovisual Translation: Localization, Subtitling and Dubbing.

I am a tireless project searcher and I have acquired my language knowledge after
several years of living abroad (in Ireland, Luxembourg, France and Germany). I am
100% European and naturally curious.

I am always learning about specialized languages: I have just finished a 3-month
practical training period in technical translation. I recently took a videogame translation
course and I am also preparing to become a sworn translator in my country. My
favourite tools are Trados, OmegaT, Felix and MemoQ. I have worked in very different
areas all related to languages: I bring my translation, art and tourism network to the

  • Nerea Lara Iglesias

Translator, subtitler and meticulous proofreader, I hold a Translation and Interpreting
Bachelor’s Degree in English and French. After my studies I decided to improve my
languages in a more dynamic and realistic way, so I moved to Bristol and then to
Brussels in order to work.

I combined my experience abroad with different specialisation courses (Trados,
sworn translation English-Spanish, etc.) and with the European Master in Audiovisual
Translation in the University of Barcelona, where I can say that I learned from all and
each one of the necessary steps for a perfect translated audiovisual product. I have
written my MA thesis about the translation of the cultural references in subtitling (based
in real example of American TV series).

After several projects in Spain and abroad, I have acquired experience with TMs,
European project management from the practice and from its linguistic base (EN, FR
– ES translation) to the QA, the proofreading and the correction/editing stages. Project
management is not a lonely job, it requires a great affinity between the different parts
that compose the complicated mechanism which starts with an idea and ends up with a
multilanguage manual published around the world.